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Clare Meernik
Clare Meernik, a researcher at the UNC School of Medicine, with UNC Print Stop’s 25,000th order.

UNC Print Stop and Copy Center has completed its 25,000th in-house, online order since the office began taking in-house orders in 2011. The 25,000th order was a research poster for Clare Meernik, a researcher in the UNC School of Medicine. In celebration, Clare received the poster at no charge.

“We are excited to mark this milestone for our business, but we are also excited about the possibilities for our campus community,” said Chuck Sockell, Associate Director of Auxiliary Services. “As UNC Print Stop continues to grow, we can offer a wider variety of services to Carolina students, faculty and staff.”

In 2017 the Print Stop produced almost 2,000 conference posters for the campus community. UNC Print Stop can easily turnaround these orders at an affordable price since the store has multiple in-house printers, saving students and faculty time and money. This is all done in support of the University’s research mission.

In addition to the 25,000 online orders produced in-house, UNC Print Stop also serves walk-up customers at its location in UNC Student Stores, and provides free services to the campus such as the employee calendars. The Print Stop also provides a variety of services, such as honorary degrees for many who visit Chapel Hill.

Most recently, one of the business’s larger undertakings has included working closely with UNC-Chapel Hill’s Creative team on the reprinting of business cards, envelopes and letterhead for the rebranding of the University.

The most frequent orders come from students and faculty for research posters. While posters are the most regularly requested items, UNC Print Stop also works with UNC Athletics to create media guides for the Men’s Basketball NCAA Tournament, playbills for the Playmakers Theater and holiday cards for departments.

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