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Services Include:

  • Business Cards
  • Departmental Stationery
  • Color Copies
  • Black and White Copies
  • Posters and Banners
  • Binding
  • Lamination
  • FAX Services
  • Digital Printing

Print Stop Prices

Prices are effective September 23, 2019. All prices are subject to change. Prices are for print ready materials. Setup and production charges may apply.

Download and print the Print Stop Price Sheet.

and White
Plain Paper8.5” X 11” Plain (20# Text)$0.05$0.25
8.5” X 11” Plain Cover (90# Index)$0.15$0.35
11” X 17” Plain (24# Text)$0.08$0.40
11” X 17” Plain Cover (90# Index)$0.25$0.55
Glossy Paper8.5” X 11” Glossy (80# Text)$0.10$0.35
8.5” X 11” Glossy (80# Cover)$0.20$0.45
11” X 17” Glossy (80# Text)$0.15$0.45
11” X 17” Glossy (80# Cover)$0.35$0.60
12" x 18" Glossy (80# Text)$0.30$0.55
12" x 18" Glossy (80# Cover)$0.45$0.65
12” X 18” Heavy Glossy (120# Cover)$0.60$0.80
Non-Glossy Paper
8.5” X 11” Premium (28# Text)$0.10$0.35
8.5” X 11” Premium (100# Cover)$0.30$0.50
11” X 17” Premium (28# Text)$0.25$0.45
11” X 17” Premium (100# Cover)$0.50$0.75
12” X 18” Premium (28# Text)$0.25$0.45
Color Paper
8.5” X 11” Pastel (20# Text)$0.10$0.30
8.5” X 11” Pastel (Cover)$0.20$0.45
8.5" X 11" Bright (20# Text)$0.15$0.35
8.5” X 11” Bright (Cover)$0.20$0.40
Other Stocks8.5" X 11" 100% Cotton Text$0.20$0.35
8.5" X 11" Parchment (60# Text)$0.30$0.60
Synthetic, waterproof papers available. Ask us for details.
Please see us for estimates on large projects.

Binding and Finishing Services

BindingSmall Coil or Comb Bind (under 20mm)$1.50
Large Coil or Comb Bind (20mm and up)$3.00
Specialty Covers (Clear, Frosted, Premium Colors)$0.50
Velo Binding$2.00
BookletsSmall (2-staples, folded, no square fold or trimming)$0.05
Large (2-staples, square fold, face trim)$0.40
Folding, Creasing & Folding, Sorting and other finishing operationCharged as Production time
Hardback BindingPrinting not included$29.95 per copy
Visit us to learn more about your options

Poster and Wide Format Services

PostersFull-color Posters on Photo PaperSatin or Gloss finish$3.95/square foot
Full-color on Synthetic materialSynthetic cloth, Blockout Banner, Vinyl or similar$5.95/square foot
Poster tubes$2.95 each
Maximum poster width is 42"
X-Frame Banner
Frame and banner Frame with 24" X 60" banner on blockout material, four grommets$59.95
Additional bannerfor Print Stop frame$49.95
Laminating3mm Matte or Glossy FilmMax width 36"$3.00/linear foot
5mm Glossy PouchesLetter Sixe (8.5"x11")$1.50
12" X 18"$2.00
Foam Core Board MountingIncldes lamination, Max board size 24" X 36"Finished size 23” X 35”$19.95 each
FaxingLocal$1.50 each
Long Distance and
$2.50 each
(Unusually large documents may be broken up to facilitate sending, and charged accordingly)
Scanning and CopyingCharged at an hourly rate$30.00/hour
Production ChargesProduction Operations (Folding, Cutting, Etc.)$30/hour
Setup and Layout Services$60/hour

The Print Stop accepts all forms of payment: Cash, Check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, UNC One Card, and Departmental Accounts. We are ready to assist you with your special project!