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Auxiliary Services operates a variety of vending machines at locations throughout campus. Machines are equipped to accept cash – coins and one dollar bills (five dollar bills in some machines) – and as an added convenience to vending customers, the UNC One Card may be used for vending in numerous buildings across campus (locations with card readers accept Expense Plan funds only, not money from Meal Plans).

Campus vending provides students, faculty, staff and visitors a wide selection of fresh, convenient, and reasonably priced food, beverage, and assorted products. Available vending products include: soft drinks, bottled water, juice, coffee, candy, snacks, pastries and cold/microwaveable selections.

Contact Us

UNC Vending
Lenoir Hall, CB #1500
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Repairs, Service, Refunds

Vending DecalIf you discover a vending machine that is not working properly, please call or e-mail us to report the problem. The more information you can provide, the faster it can be corrected. Please provide:

  • Product (beverage, snack, other)
  • Machine number
  • Building/location
  • Brief description of the problem
  • Type of currency used (coin, dollar bill or One Card)
  • Whether or not any message was displayed on the screen
Look for the sticker above on each machine for our contact information: 919-962-2403 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the University contract with to provide vending services?
The University contracts exclusively with Pepsi and Aramark Refreshments to provide vending services on campus. This is for any University owned or leased spaces.
Do machines accept $5 bills or larger denominations?
Vending machines accept $1 bills, coins, and many locations are equipped with card readers that accept funds from Expense Accounts.
Can I apply my Meal Plan toward food purchases in vending machines?
No, vending machines with card readers accept Expense Plan funds only; money from Meal Plans can not be used for vending purchases.
How do I report a machine that is not working or request a refund?
For service or refunds, e-mail or call 919-962-2403.