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Update! The United States Postal Service now anticipates significant delays with all mail/packages being sent to China. There is no estimated delivery time frame, so USPS is advising to allow plenty of time for delivery. Mail Services will continue to process outgoing mail to China.

Posted Feb. 4, 2020

The Chinese government has issued new rules for international mail going to China because of the Novel Coronavirus. Mail/packages going to or through the Hubei Province will be stopped and disinfected and mail/packages going to the city of Wuhan will not be delivered and will be held instead. Once the letter or packages arrives in Wuhan, and after it has been disinfected, mail services in the city will contact the receiver to request an in-person pick up of their mail.

If you have recently sent mail to China, a member of our staff may contact you regarding these new rules and requesting recipient contact information.

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