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Real Food Challenge

For the second year in a row, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has surpassed a non-profit’s national challenge that encourages colleges and universities to purchase at least 20 percent of “real food” by the year 2020. Sponsored by charitable foundations and individual donors, the Real Food Challenge promotes edible products that are locally-grown, humanely raised, ecologically sound and fair.

Not only has UNC-Chapel Hill achieved the benchmark four years earlier than the challenge deadline, it surpassed this goal while maintaining meal plan price increases at or below the level of food and labor price inflation in the marketplace for the last decade. This means that students did not face surcharges or price increases in their meal plans in order to achieve the Real Food goals.

Not only does the continued success of Carolina’s effort with Real Food provide healthy options, but the partnership provides an economic benefit to the University. When buying produce locally, the shipping costs are lower, saving money over time. Additionally, buying local reduced the University’s carbon footprint, saving on gas used to bring the food to campus.

Find more information on the Real Food Challenge. Learn more about Carolina Dining Services’ sustainable initiatives.

UNC-Chapel Hill Auxiliary Services seeks to administer safe and reliable operations, uphold environmentally responsible standards and provide affordable and accessible education.

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