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Carolina Managed Print Services (CMPS) will follow the steps below to replace your existing fleet of Multi-Function Devices (MFD):

1. Department Assessment

A survey will be sent out from Xerox to identify the department’s needs. Carolina Managed Print Services (CMPS) will contact the department to schedule a meeting to review the goals and objectives of the program. During this meeting, an overview of the transition will be provided as well as an estimated timeline of when the department can expect the transition to occur. When this initial meeting is scheduled, it is crucial that at minimum the Key Device Contact (KDC) and the Departmental IT person be present. It would also be helpful if a departmental Finance representative attended this meeting.

We would plan on discussing the following:

  1. Business contact and/or facility contact, to discuss work flow of invoice processes and any other needs of the department.
  2. IT lead, to discuss connecting and communicating through network; print drivers to include; known past problems and recommend fixes; as well as using the Global, Post Script or PCL driver.
  3. Key Device Contact (KDC), to discuss Multi-Function Device (MFD) configuration, communications needs, scheduling and delivery (if more than one devise and multiple KDC, we would ask all are present)

During the assessment, a walk through will be conducted to identify current MFDs and to discuss replacement options. We will also look at ways to reduce costs by migrating print from expensive standalone printers to the MFD technology.

The department will identify a Focal Point for communications during the transition.

2. Pre-Installation

Xerox will schedule a meeting with the department focal approximately 1-2 weeks prior to installation. We cannot schedule this meeting unless, at minimum the Department KDC, IT contact and a representative of CMPS are able to attend.

During this meeting, Xerox will review the implementation process and key processes.  Specific departmental requirements will be reviewed during this meeting and a mutually agreed upon installation date will be set.

3. Installation – Xerox

Xerox will deliver and setup new device.  Key elements of the Xerox installation will include:

  • The MFD will be setup with University approved operational/security settings
  • Configure departmental specific settings (Accounting, departmental address book for e-mail, and fax enablement)
  • Collaborate with department IT to enable network dependent settings
  • Provide basic device training at device with key departmental personnel.

At conclusion of installation, the Key Device Contact (KDC) will be asked to sign off on the installation checklist acknowledging that all installation activities have been completed to their satisfaction.

4. Installation – UNC

Departmental IT will support the loading of MFD print drivers on User’s PC’s.  This will include selecting the appropriate print driver based on user computing hardware (PC, MAC, etc..).

Please review the Xerox driver documents on the CMPS support page before installing the Xerox print drivers. These documents will help you install and configure the drivers so they operate most effectively.

The CMPS Xerox product matrix contains links to Xerox Drivers as well as key support documents for your device.

5. Post Installation

A Letter of Understanding (LOU) will be sent to the key device contact for signature. Whether the LOU is returned signed or not the provisions of the document are in force. Please review the sample LOU.

A representative from CMPS will check in with the departmental KDC 1-3 business days after installation to address post-install questions/concerns and to provide supplemental device training.

6. Ongoing Support

All hardware related issues should be reported by calling the Xerox Managed Support Line at 855-314-9934 and providing the Xerox serial number (located on the Xerox MFD).  The Xerox representative will assist with the issue and if necessary dispatch a CMPS employee for resolution.

When a service call is placed when the First Responder or Xerox Technician visits the equipment if there is no one with whom to communicate in the department, we will leave a card with visitation time and a brief description of what was accomplished.

Download or print the Replacement Process Diagram

UNC Xerox Replacement Process