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Xerox Standard Accounting monitors not only the document pages your office produces but also who produced them. Xerox Standard Accounting is enabled through the CentreWare Internet Services Embedded Web Server to manage access and gather data for print, copy, scan and fax output — black-and-white and color. Once you know where your costs are coming from, you can take control of them:

  • Set limits on the number of print, copy, scan and fax jobs that a user can perform. Limits can be reset remotely at any time.
  • Account for device activity down to the user, group or departmental level.
  • Manage a user’s access to color — on color-capable devices — for both copy and print jobs.
  • Bill usage to internal departments or external clients.

All Xerox Standard Accounting components are embedded in the device’s controller and print driver. The Xerox multifunction device and print driver contain everything needed to integrate Xerox Standard Accounting with network printing, so there is no software to load on your network.

Accounting Types

In the past, Carolina Managed Print Services (Carolina Copy) used the Equitrac system to track machine usage by department and in some cases by account code. This required all users to enter an 8 digit code for Copy/Printing. The Equitrac system is being retired as the Ricoh devices are replaced by the Xerox devices.

There are 3 options for tracking Copy/Print usage:

Type INo Codes required to access device.Type IIOne code activated on the walkup screen to deter unauthorized User’s from accessing the device. Xerox will activate this code during device installation.Type IIIMultiple codes activated for the purposes of tracking device activity by department, Grant, and User. During the Pre-installation process, Xerox will work with the department’s Key Device Contact to capture the codes required and the Xerox Install Tech will load this file into the machine during device installation. Additionally, Xerox will train the department focal on how to add/delete codes, how to pull usage reports and how to reset the counters.

Grant Invoice Viewing Access

Instructions on how a Primary Billing Contact may grant, or revoke, viewing access.

Assign Chart Field Strings

Instructions on assigning Chart Field Strings to machines or codes.