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Carolina Managed Print Services’ recent partnership with Xerox enables delivery of a reliable and cost-effective copy program with the highest quality copying, printing, scanning and faxing equipment and services. This collaboration brings together the operational know-how of a recognized leader in the copying industry with a University department that is experienced and familiar with campus copying and printing needs. Campus customers can continue to expect exceptional service from CMPS on all departmental copy machines and walk-up copiers that are conveniently located across campus for students and campus visitors.


As a division of University of North Carolina Auxiliary Services, Carolina Managed Print Services seeks to provide an ever-growing service to the University campus. Our foremost goal is to meet the copying needs of the departmental offices by offering them a no-hassle cost-per-copy program that includes equipment, service and maintenance at an affordable price. Additionally, Carolina Managed Print Services supports the students’ copying needs by supplying copiers to key libraries and other locations throughout the University campus setting. Access to these copiers is made available with the use of a UNC One Card, a Departmental Card, or a University Guest Card.

Carolina Managed Print Services is committed to sustainability, service, and cost savings.

Through its partnership with Xerox, Carolina Managed Print Services will be able to save the University hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, as well as support the following efficiency and sustainability goals:

  • Reduce print output costs by over 40%
  • Improve quality of services through standardization
  • Provide newer and more efficient and secure technology
  • Contribute to a “greener” and more eco-friendly campus