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Mail 101

Postage Charge Authorization Slip

  • Used to process mail and bill postage to your department’s chartfield string.
    • We cannot take any alternate forms of payment (cash, credit, debit, check, etc.).
  • Visit, fill out the requested information, print out your slip and include it with your mailing.
  • Make sure to list an accurate point of contact.
    • If there are any issues with your mailing, we will attempt to contact the person listed on the slip. If we cannot reach that person, your mail will be returned to you.
  • Only one slip per mailing is needed.
  • You can attach the slip to your mailpiece with a rubber band or tape. Do not tape over the slip in a way that would be difficult to remove the slip.
  • We STRONGLY ADVISE that you keep a copy of your slip for your records. Mail Services is not responsible for providing copies of Authorization Slips. See image below.

Media Mail

  • You can mail books, educational materials, CDs or DVDs at a discounted rate by selecting Media Mail.
  • Keep in mind that Media Mail does have a longer delivery window than First Class Mail.

First Class Mail

  • Postage depends on weight and ZIP code.
  • First Class encompasses letters, flats, packages and international mail.
  • First Class Packages (domestic) are eligible for free tracking by using a 400 Tracking Label.
  • Bubble mailers and any envelopes or flats that contain non-bendable items must be sent as First Class packages.
  • Any mailpiece weighing 13 ounces or more is no longer eligible for First Class shipping and must be upgraded to Priority Mail.
Authorization Slips
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