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Mail 101

Submitting a Request

  • Complete the request form at
    • Once you have completed all of the required prompts, click “Submit Request”.
  • Once your request has been received by Mail Services, you will receive a follow-up email requesting information about the mailing. Please respond to this email as soon as possible.
  • Mail Services covers the up-front postage amount and then bills back the total amount to the chartfield string provided on the request form.
  • Bulk Mail is paid for by Mail Services using a special Bulk Mail Permit.
    • This permit is a prepaid postage account, funded by the Mail Services department.
    • This permit has a limited amount of funds.
    • Since Mail Services pays for the cost of these mailings up front, we need ample notice to guarantee that there are enough funds on the permit to cover the cost of your mailing and the cost of all other scheduled mailings.
    • Unexpected mailings from a department will deplete the permit of its funds, halting all other scheduled mailings.
    • In order to deposit additional funds on to the permit, Mail Services must request additional funding which can take more than a week. It is important that we are given ample notice of all bulk mailings and their costs.

Third-Party Vendors

  • Be sure to provide Mail Services with accurate contact information in case we need to contact the vendor.
  • Vendors must provide the Post Office with the Sequence Number (SEQ #) for the mailings. Please make sure they are aware of this.
  • When you submit a Bulk Mail Request, you are assigned a four-digit sequence number (SEQ #). This number is how we differentiate which mailings belong to which department.

Additional Information

  • Bulk mailings must consist of at least 200 pieces.
  • All mailpieces must be submitted in ZIP code order, by the first three digits.
  • All mailpieces must be uniform in content.
  • Bulk Mail is not recommended for time-sensitive mail.
    • Since postage is so heavily discounted, the delivery time is longer than First Class Mail.
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