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JAN. 2, 2020 UPDATE
Due to a recently issued injunction, North Carolina will not require photo ID at the polls in the coming elections without further notice from the court.

UNC One Card

Beginning in 2020, voters in North Carolina will be asked to present photo identification to vote, though certain exceptions apply.

For the upcoming elections in 2020, UNC students, faculty and staff may opt to use their current UNC One Card as a voter ID.

Starting in 2021, if your UNC One Card does not have an expiration date on it, you will need to get a replacement card to use it as a voter ID. Expiration dates of 10 years will start appearing on newly issued staff and faculty One Cards starting in July 2020.

Students will not need to replace their cards, but faculty and staff who have had their cards made before July 2020 will need to have a new photo taken and their card replaced after that date, when the new format is available. There will be no charge for the card update. You do not need to replace your card if you don’t intend to use it as a voter ID.

In 2020, voters may also use any acceptable form of ID, including driver’s licenses, U.S. passports, tribal enrollment cards or military and veterans ID cards. Voters who do not have an acceptable ID may get a free N.C. Voter ID from their county board of elections.

For more information on updating your card, visit or contact the One Card Office at or (919) 962-8024.

Read more about the approval of the UNC One Card for use as voter ID in The Well.

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