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Carolina Managed Print Services’ (CMPS) partnership with Xerox enables delivery of a reliable and cost-effective copy program with the highest quality copying, printing, scanning and faxing equipment and services. This collaboration brings together the operational know-how of a recognized leader in the copying industry with a University department that is experienced and familiar with campus copying and printing needs. Campus customers can continue to expect exceptional service from CMPS on all departmental copy machines and walk-up copiers that are conveniently located across campus for students and campus visitors.

Carolina Managed Print Services is committed to the following goals:

  • Reduce print output costs by over 40%
  • Improve quality of services through standardization
  • Provide newer and more efficient and secure technology
  • Contribute to a “greener” and more eco-friendly campus

The benefits of this partnership include:

Faster Output Speeds

New devices reduce the time spent waiting for jobs to finish, minimize print queue backups and allow staff to accelerate our sharing of documents and information.

Better Image Quality

New output devices will print and copy better-looking, high-quality documents.

Additional Savings

The new campus copy/print program, depending on machine models, charges one-half to one cent for black and white copies and five to six cents for color copies, meaning even more cost savings for departments.

New Finishing Options

Finishing options will be available on new output devices, delivering documents that are ready for distribution quickly and easily.

Secure Output

New devices prevent unauthorized access to documents by holding jobs in queue until your unique PIN is entered, ensuring 100% confidentiality.

More Printing Features

In addition to duplex printing and automatic document feeding, a number of these devices allow users to print, fax, scan or copy simultaneously, giving users true all-in-one devices that meet all their printing needs in a single trip.

New Scanning Capabilities

Campus customers can create digital archives of their documents, scan to email, and access and distribute information faster while reducing storage space needs.

Improved Services

Xerox will provide service support and proactive maintenance for devices in the program.

Don’t Buy Supplies! Contact CMPS!

If you receive calls from individuals attempting to sell you copier toner, you should not do business with them. CMPS provides all the toner for campus copiers as part of our service agreement, and we will not call you and ask you to purchase toner or supplies. Any caller asking you to purchase toner or copier supplies is not a CMPS or University Employee. CMPS technicians visit copiers to check toner supply and will leave toner when needed. If you need to change toner and don’t have any in stock, please submit a ticket to CMPS at

Information and Support

For more information and FAQs, please visit Carolina Managed Print Services’ website.
For support, contact the Help Desk at: 855-314-9934

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