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Carolina Managed Print Services would like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with the new campus-wide Copying/Print Policy that was adopted by the University and went into effect on January 1,2016.

Under this new policy, Carolina Managed Print Services will be the sole source for providing the campus with all departmental copy machines (non-production copy, print, scan and fax Multifunctional Devices, or MFDs). Previously, there have been multiple vendors for printing and copying services on campus, which ultimately is costly and difficult to manage. By consolidating these services, the Carolina Managed Print Services program will reduce costs and provide effective copying and printing without compromising departments’ productivity or convenience to users.

This policy applies to all schools and divisions, including institutes, departments and centers.

Carolina Managed Print Services’ program will provide campus MFDs with the capability to copy, print, fax and scan. The MFDs are available through a low-cost per-print program in which customers will not be subject to monthly minimum copies; departments will pay a base charge and cost-per-copy. All toner, maintenance and parts will be included in the cost-per-copy price, and additional features or upgrades can be added for additional costs.

To ensure campus customers are afforded the best overall copy and print environment, Carolina Managed Print Services and our Managed Print Services vendor will conduct a thorough assessment of departments’ copying and printing activities and needs in order to determine the most efficient and cost-effective use of equipment going forward. Based on this assessment, a recommendation will be created and presented to the department, and once an agreement is reached, new MFDs will be furnished within approximately 30 days.

Contracts that departments currently hold with other MFD vendors will be honored until they expire. Those departments will then have their copying/printing equipment and services provided by Carolina Managed Print Services.

Carolina Managed Print Services looks forward to serving you and fulfilling our responsibility of providing the highest quality copying, printing, scanning and faxing equipment and services to the campus community. While this may mean changes for some campus departments, we are confident you will find this new structure of campus copying and printing beneficial, as we are able to offer superior equipment with enhanced capabilities and consistently high-quality copies at the most reasonable costs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Foust at 919-962-2799 or by e-mail at

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