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Mail must have been received in the University Mail Services processing area in the Bioinformatics Building by 3 p.m. Monday through Friday in order to be processed that day.

Departmental Delivery Times

University Mail Services provides delivery and pick-up services to over 600 mailstop locations across the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus each day. Most departments receive service twice a day, with the exception of weekends and University-designated holidays.

  • Morning Service: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
  • Afternoon Service: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

All delivery times are approximate.

Outbound Mail Services

When submitting outgoing US mail to be processed by UMS, please include a Postage Charge Authorization Slip, rubber band each group of letters together with the slip and have the envelopes nested together with the flaps up. Postage Charge Authorization Slips must bear the below QR Code image, produced by using a valid chartfield string.

QR Code

When sending an interdepartmental envelope or package please include the following information to ensure an accurate delivery:

  • Receiving Individual’s Name
  • Receiving Department Name
  • Campus Box Number
University Mail Services does not have the resources or information required to facilitate inquires about valid chartfield strings. Customers with questions about their new chartfield string should contact their business office immediately.

University Mail Services Deadlines

  • USPS Express Mail: 12:00 p.m.
  • Certified Mail: 2:00 p.m.
Metered Mail is a computerized charge-back system that automatically drafts University account numbers for postage used. All metered mail must follow the U.S. Postal Service’s Standard Address Format. Each time a campus department sends mail to be processed by UMS the mailing needs to include a Postage Authorization Slip.
Priority Mail
A shipping service offered by the USPS involving First-Class mail. Delivery is made within one to three days to all zones. All First-Class mail pieces weighing over 13 ounces are automatically considered Priority Mail. First Class mail pieces that weigh under 13 ounces can be upgraded to Priority Mail for a fee based on weight and destination/geographical zone. Customers choose Priority Mail because the mail pieces are given tracking barcodes, unlike regular First-Class mail. USPS Priority Flat Rate envelopes and boxes are also available which allow customers to use Priority Mail for a set price regardless of weight and zone.
Media Mail
The USPS provides a discounted postage rate for mail containing educational content. The mail pieces must contain CDs, videotapes, sound recordings, sheet music, or DVDs. The contents cannot contain any advertising material, do not have to be bound and can be a single piece of mail going to an individual.
Library Rate Mail
The USPS provides a discounted postage rate for mail containing library books, sound recordings, video recordings or academic theses that are being mailed from one library to another. Along with libraries, this discount is also available to museums, non-profits and academic institutions that mail between each other. It can be a single piece of mail.
Bound Printed Matter
The USPS provides a discounted postage rate for items such as directories, catalogs, editorial bound material that includes advertising and promotional material. These must be permanently bound with staples, spiral binding or stitching and be at least 300 pieces. No single piece is allowed. Contact University Mail Services if you think your department can use this classification.

Because Media Mail, Library Rate and Bound Printed Matter are not geographically zone based and have an extended delivery time of 2 to 10 days, there is a steep discount on postage. However, due to the regulations of contents, the USPS does have the right to open the package or envelope for inspection. If the item’s contents do not meet the qualifications, it will be returned for additional postage. The USPS does not open First Class, First Class Presort or Priority Mail for inspection.

University Mail Services does not provide stamps or postage for purchase. However, stamps and other products and services offered by the USPS are available at Student Stores located at 207 South Road.