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All incoming mail should be University business-related.
Incoming United States Postal Service mail addressed to the University must bear the correct name, department, campus box (CB) number, city, state, and ZIP code on each piece. The correct address format is as follows:

John Doe
The University of North Carolina
Department Name, Campus Box Number
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

If you are expecting a package delivered directly to your department via UPS, FedEx, DHL or Amazon departments should use the 27514 ZIP code instead of the 27599 ZIP code:

John Doe
The University of North Carolina
Department Name
Street Address, Suite/Floor/Office Number
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

UPS, Fed Ex, DHL and Amazon do not need campus box numbers to deliver directly to your department.  If you wish, you can include the campus box number next to the department name regardless of who delivers your package just in case Mail Services ends up with the package.

University Mail Services picks up mail from the United States Postal Service once a day, Monday through Friday. UMS processes mail that is addressed to faculty, staff, and departments that have a 27599 ZIP code.

US mail and inter-campus mail is delivered twice a day to campus buildings, once in the morning and then again after lunch. All mail is delivered to one central point in each building. It is the responsibility of each department to retrieve their mail from their assigned campus box.

Departmental campus boxes are assigned by University Mail Services. If you would like to request a new Campus Box number please fill out the New Campus Box Number request form.

USPS Mail received by University Mail Services with a vague or an incorrect address could result in a delay of your mail or have your mail considered “Undeliverable As Addressed” and returned to the sender for proper addressing.


Tracking numbers are required for these services.

Packages sent to the campus via the USPS can be tracked internally by University Mail Services if you do not receive it in a timely manner. Departments can contact UMS for assistance. Please have your USPS tracking number ready. Internal tracking is available for USPS packages only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does University Mail Services know where to deliver my mail and packages?
UMS uses an automated sorter that scans each mail piece for a department Campus Mail Box number (CB number) and then places it into the appropriate tray. UMS couriers deliver the mail to a designated spot in each building. From there, departments retrieve their mail and distribute the mail and packages within their department.
What happens to my mail or package if I did not include my CB number on my mailing address and just used my name?
All First Class mail and all packages that cannot be sorted using a CB Number are sent to the Research Desk. Each name is then researched using the campus directory. UMS will use the CB number located under each person’s name in the directory to make the delivery.
My department has magazine and journal subscriptions. Can I receive them through UMS?
Any magazine, journal or catalog your department subscribes to will be delivered to your department if the appropriate address is used, including the CB Number. Please see the addressing information on this page for instructions. Magazines and other advertising mail that arrives on campus with incomplete addresses are recycled.