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Cobb Laundry Room

UNC One Card-operated laundries are located in every residential community. In communities with multiple buildings such as Lower Quad and Upper Quad, the laundry room may be in a neighboring building.

Machine Instructions

  1. Add soap or detergent.
  2. Place clothes in washer. Do not overload the machine.
  3. Close door — machine will not operate with door open.
  4. Take note of the number label on the machine.
  5. Swipe card and make selection at laundry reader. Don’t walk away until the transaction is complete and the card balance is displayed on the reader. If the transaction is left half-completed, the clothes will not begin washing.
  6. Press “Start” or select cycle setting.
  7. Washer will now wash, rinse, spin dry and shut off automatically.
  8. Wash cycle is approximately 30 minutes and costs $1.00.
  1. Do not dry wool, rubber or plastics.
  2. Clean lint screen for faster drying time.
  3. Place clothes in dryer. Do not overload the machine. One washer load equals one dryer load. This will allow clothes to tumble freely.
  4. Take note of the number label on the machine.
  5. Swipe card and make selection at laundry reader. Don’t walk away until the card balance is displayed on the reader.
  6. Select desired drying temperature setting.
  7. It typically takes two dry cycles, which cost $0.50 each cycle.

High-Efficiency Machines

The Energy Star® rated, high-efficiency machines installed on campus clean effectively, help save time and are gentle on clothes and the environment. High-efficiency, front loading machines hold more clothes and use less water than conventional laundry equipment saving time and energy. For best results, use only two tablespoons of concentrated HE detergent which is specially formulated for high-efficiency machines.


Students are expected to help keep the laundry rooms clean and report any malfunctioning machines by calling 919-962-1261 or using Fix My Room.

Laundry Room Locations – Residence Halls

  • Carmichael Community: 1st Floor
  • Cobb Community: Cobb Basement
  • Connor Community: Connor-Winston Pavilion 1st Floor, Joyner Basement
  • Craige Community: Craige Basement
  • Ehringhaus Community: Ehringhaus Basement
  • Hinton James: Hinton James 1st Floor
  • Kenan Community: Kenan Basement, Spencer Basement, Alderman Basement, McIver Basement
  • Lower Quad Community: Stacy Basement
  • Manning East Community: Koury Basement, Horton Basement
  • Manning West Community: Hardin 1st Floor, Craige North Basement
  • Morrison Community: Morrison 1st Floor
  • Parker Community: Avery Basement, Parker Basement
  • Upper Quad Community: Manly Basement, Old West 1st Floor.

Laundry Room Locations – Apartments

  • Ram Village Apartments: Ram Village 1 (Basement) & Ram Village 5 (1st Floor)
  • Baity Hill Apartments: 2nd Floor All Buildings