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The instructions below are for Ticket Creators of the UNC Laundry Tickets application. Ticket Creators have been explicitly added into UNC Laundry Tickets with association to at least one UNC Laundry Number (laundry account). Those needing access to the system should contact the Billing Contact for the corresponding laundry account or contact UNC Laundry directly.

Logging In

Single Sign-OnThe UNC Laundry Tickets application is located at The application uses the standard UNC Single-Sign On system.

The screen below is representative of what is displayed when a Ticket Creator is first granted access. Primary navigation options include Tickets and Search. Options displayed under Tickets are Create New Tickets and Submit/Print My Tickets. At this point, a ticket can be created.

Main Screen

Account Number SelectionA drop-down list to the right of the UNC Laundry No. label displays all laundry accounts for which you can create tickets. Even if there is only one account number in that list, that account must be selected before a ticket may be created.

The Charging Account drop-down list will display a list of saved chartfield strings. Expand the drop-down list to see what has been previously saved.
Saved chartfield strings

To use a saved chartfield string, select the desired name from the drop-down list and collapse the list. The name of the selected favorite should show as the Charging Account.Saved chartfield string selected

If the desired chartfield string does not appear in the list, click the plus sign to the right of the list to be taken to Customer Billing Management (CBM) to add and save the new chartfield string.Add a new chartfield favorite

After creating a new favorite chartfield in CBM, click the refresh icon to the left of the plus sign to update the list of favorites.
Refresh saved chartfields

Tickets may not be saved if either the Campus Box or the Billing Contact is not entered. If no Billing Contact is available in the corresponding drop-down list, contact UNC Laundry to have that information updated.
No billing contact
At this point, the contents of the laundry bag should be entered. By default, the laundry bag item count is set to one. The count for each of the articles may be increased or decreased by clicking the up or down arrows to the right of the count for each type of article. The articles are the same items that were listed using the previous paper ticket system, and they are listed in the same order. The item identification column can be used to enter such things as names for lab coats or clarification to the description of the particular item.
Adding items to a ticket
To save the ticket, simply click the button at the top of the screen labeled Save New Laundry Service Ticket.
Save ticket

After saving the ticket, a pop-up confirmation message will appear:
Ticket saved confirmation

To the right of the Create New Ticket link is a link labeled Print My Saved Tickets:
Print Saved Ticket

Tickets waiting to be printed are listed in the New Tickets box with the most recent listed at the top. The displayed ticket is not necessarily the most recent, so be sure to verify the ticket information of the displayed ticket before printing.

The ticket information area contains two icons: a green one on the left to print the ticket, and a red one on the right to cancel the ticket. If the ticket contains incorrect information, it must be canceled. If the laundry bag is ready to be picked up, the ticket should be printed. The status of the ticket is also shown in this area so that it can be verified that this ticket has not yet been printed.
Ticket details

Clicking the print button will generate a PDF version of the ticket. The PDF will contain two pages representing two copies of the same ticket. Each page is the same, except for the details of whose copy the page is. One copy should be placed in the laundry bag, while the other should be kept by the ticket creator.
PDF of laundry ticket

After printing the PDF, close the tab and create another laundry ticket or log out.

Sometimes a ticket creator may misplace their copy of a ticket and not be able to recall what the ticket number was. The search feature allows the ticket creator to find that ticket and reprint a copy.

Searching allows the ticket creator to find a ticket by the ticket number, the ticket status, the UNC Laundry Number, the date it was created, or who it was created by.
Search options

The search form contains two buttons – one for searching specifically by ticket number, and a second for searching by selected criteria.
Search buttons

Search results will appear under the selection criteria. To select one or more tickets, just click on the desired row. Selected tickets will appear in red. Once at least one ticket has been selected, a printer icon will appear immediately above the search results. Clicking the printer icon will print a single copy of each selected ticket.
Print search results

Selecting a ticket number from the Print My Saved Ticket screen will also allow for a re-print. A printer icon in the upper right will allow for the selected ticket to be printed.
Print a saved ticket

When using this option, two copies of the original ticket will be created, though one copy may be printed by choosing only to print the first page of the generated PDF.
Print dialog for printing a saved ticket