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Departmental Laundry Services provides wash and press laundry services for departmentally-owned items such as lab coats, towels, tablecloths and sheets. This service is utilized by Medical School departments as well as other medical and research facilities across campus.

UNC Laundry Tickets

UNC Laundry Tickets is a web-based application that allows authorized departments to create new requests, or tickets, for laundry service. Departments utilizing this service will receive a UNC Laundry Number, or account number, and must specify a valid chartfield string for each ticket that is created. A department/billing contact person must also be specified with each ticket and will be the person contacted for any problems with chartfield strings.

Departments wishing to add new laundry service or to complete or modify setup for an existing UNC Laundry Number should contact Laundry Services with the following information:

  • UNC Laundry Number (for existing accounts)
  • Staff member(s) needing access, specifying:
    • Onyen
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Person’s role (ticket creator, department/billing contact, or both)


Departments receiving errors while creating tickets with the web application should submit an online help request and select ITS Services -> ITS University Services -> Customer Billing Management as the options for the request (without using the search feature). Make sure the description states the problem is with UNC Laundry Tickets along with the completeĀ error message that was received.

Help Documents